Building Certifications

With today’s larger buildings and smaller properties there is an increasing tendency for designs to be right to the limit, and sometimes beyond.

As a consequence local authorities are increasingly requiring a number of certifications by a professionally qualified surveyor as a condition of building consent and as the construction progresses.  These typically relate to the:

  • Siting (or Location) of the Building
  • Finished Floor Level
  • Height in relation to Boundary
  • Maximum Height

When these certifications are required it is advisable to discuss them with us early, to ensure the necessary survey checks are made at the right time to ensure eventual compliance.

In some situations more specific building controls exist, such as:

  • Volcanic Cone View-shafts
  • Shading Restrictions
  • Private Height Restriction Covenants

We are experts at assessing these types of controls and we are therefore able to provide confidence in this specialist area.