Urban and Rural Subdivisions

There are many types of subdivision, although currently the majority are fee-simple (freehold) subdivisions.  Where individual dwellings are built on top of each other a Unit Title subdivision may be the best alternative.  In the past a great number of properties were divided by Cross Lease, however this is now rare and most of these surveys today are amendments to existing Cross Leases.

With any subdivision the first step is to prepare a plan, or plans, of the subdivision showing the relevant features and where the proposed boundaries and any easements will be located.  In many cases these plans will be based on a topographical survey of the site.  Once the design is finalised an application for subdivision consent will be made to the local authority.

With the consent in hand, its conditions will need to be satisfied and the Land Transfer survey will be undertaken.  Once any required construction has been undertaken an application for the release of the Section 224(c) certificate will be made.